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“You actually died?”

howlmes you made me shipping them. <3

YAY! :) this makes me happy.

i need to make more graphics for this blog. i might do that today. :)

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Reid/Prentiss Parallels:
06x17 - Lauren and 06x19 - With Friends Like These…

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Reid/Prentiss Cap Spam:
04x05 - Catching Out

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“There were times when he would relive her every word, her every movement, over and over in his head; and on more than one occasion he found himself wishing he didn’t have an eidetic memory.”

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Reid/Prentiss Cap Spam:
02x13 - No Way Out

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hey guys! sorry i’ve been sort of absent, life keeps getting in the way.

i’m working on some stuff at the moment!

in the meantime, if you have any requests please send them in.


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Reid/Prentiss Parallels:
04x01 - Mayhem and 06x15 - Today I Do

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spencer-reid-fbi God I love your blog. Just saying. You have no idea.


i literally haven’t been able to update it in days because i have an assignment due for my law class but it’s nearly done so then i will make more gifs/edits of the most perfect otp ever hehehe :-)

thank you for your lovely words xxxx